Aluminium Contract Processing

Take Advantage of our Range of Services as Contract Work

Since 2003, Leading aluminium manufacturers / consumers have been harnessing our processing know-how and benefiting from our wide range of services. We coordinate tool development and production, mostly in cooperation with Salzgitter Engineering GmbH, and implement customer-specific packaging solutions. In addition, we offer planning individually tailored to your customer needs, right up to just-in-time deliveries and complex logistics services.

Our Machine for your Aluminium Products

Our state-of-the-art system enables the processing of infeed widths of up to 2,150 mm, electrostatic oiling and the production of various cut geometries.

Our contract services can also be transferred to other surface-sensitive materials such as surfaces with an organic coating or different galvanisation treatment.

Our Multi-format System with Electrostatic Oiling at a Glance:

  • Aluminium processing
  • Organically coated custom blanks
  • Galvanised blanks for outer skin application
  • Rectangles, trapezoids, diamonds, parallelograms, omegas & arcs
  • Thickness from 0.5 to 3.0 mm
  • Width from 400 to 2,150 mm
  • Outside diameter of insert 2,200 mm
  • One-sided foliation possible
  • Organically coated custom blanks

Ask us. Together, we can design a tailor-made solution that will relieve you of almost 100% of the work required during the order process starting from coil delivery, freeing up additional resources for your customers.