Our new multi-blanking line at our Schwerte location provides even greater flexibility and speed for carrying out your production orders.

Making ourselves even better for our customers – that’s what spurs us on every day. A state-of-the-art multi-blanking line makes Schwerte our centre of excellence for sheet steel blanks. Here Europe’s most up-to-date multi-blanking line sets new standards for the prompt, efficient completion of manufacturing orders. The combined cutting/slitting unit enables up to three different widths of blanks to be produced exactly according to your specifications. In order to meet the most exacting surface requirements we process cold-rolled sheet steel and organically coated or surface-finished steel from coil widths of up to 2,050 mm. Naturally according to the renowned high-quality standards of our company. A state-of-the-art levelling machine ensures absolutely precise measurement of the dimensions and the evenness of the sheet steels.

“The new multi-blanking line provides us with optimal supply flexibility for meeting increasingly exacting requirements in terms of quality and special dimensions.”