We are all
part of Salzgitter Mannesmann Stahlservice.

Our mission statement

We are a flexible steel service centre with high standards in terms of generating benefits for our customers. Our partners will also share in our success in the future thanks to the healthy growth and development or innovative products and services.

We all bear responsibility for this and thus take the opportunity to drive the company forward and share in the progress. It goes without saying that we comply with statutory requirements.

The Salzgitter Group consider us to be the steel service centre with the most extensive range of materials and services. We stand by our common goal: to continue to be one of the best in steel and technology in the future.

Within the Flachstahl business unit of Salzgitter AG we achieve maximum flexibility through strategic management tools as well as clear, short and customer-orientated decision-making and information processes in the company, on the one hand, and the exploitation of synergies within the service partnership of the Salzgitter Group, on the other hand.

Our Values

We set ambitious goals.

We want to be ranked among the top steel service centres in the relevant markets and continuously extend our lead. Our goal is to anticipate and help shape the future developments in the market so that we can meet the changing requirements of our customers quickly and flexibly.

We secure our future through profitability and growth.

The continued expansion of our service portfolio to include innovative products and concepts leads to a sustainable increase in value. This guarantees a secure future for us and our customers and enables us to continue to invest in the future and secure jobs.

We build upon the strength of our company for our customers.

We measure everything that we do in terms of how it will benefit our customers. We advocate multi-form and multi-metal. We strive for sustainable and lasting business relationships with strategic customers and suppliers. This makes us a reliable partner for you.

We lead the way together.

We demand and encourage our employees to participate in the company’s success. We expect motivated employees who implement our common goals. A continuous improvement process, flexibility, creativity, innovative ideas and our employees’ constructive criticism help us to secure the future. Open and cross-functional communication is a fact of life.

The safety of our employees is a top priority.

It is our principal goal to promote the health of our employees and to ensure the safety of anyone who is on our premises. It is our responsibility to prevent injuries and illnesses. To this end, we continuously improve our management of occupational health and safety.

We will act responsibly towards the environment even in the future.

We protect the environment by recycling our products and using resources in a sustainable manner.


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